search_smallProperty market research.
Upon request we undertake research on land or building purchase in the area* which will be indicated ( according to the criteria of the prospective buyer ) and we responsibly examine all the documents ( property titles , mortgages ,urban planning elements ) that are required for the safe and legal transfer of the property.


architectural_smallElaboration of all the necessary plans and acquisition of building permission.

  • Architectural design of building with suggestion drafts
  • Designing landscape configuration
  • Technical designs (static efficiency , electromechanical installations , water supply , sewerage, fire safety)
  • Transaction through the qualified authorities in order to obtain all the necessary approvals as well as building permission.
  • Member of The Hellenic Energy Inspectorate.
    Its mission is to monitor the achievement of the objectives of the national energy policy on energy saving and energy efficiency and to implement articles 1 to 12 of Law 3661/2008 on “Measures for the reduction of energy consumption in buildings” (harmonization to the Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and EU Council on the energy performance of buildings).


  • We undertake the construction of new buildings , the renovation of existing ones as well as their delivery “ to the turn key”
  • High standards in the selection of skilled technicians and the use of high quality materials are a rule for us.
  • Capability of continuous updating and monitoring of all the construction phases of the project by the owner, even remotely, via internet.

Consulting Services

  • We undertake the Quality control , the adherence to the construction timetable , and the safety of the works.
  • To notify the owners with details (inspection reports) regarding the contractor’s compliance according to his obligations, the project’s progress according to the approved building permission plans as well as to the terms of the construction agreement contracts.
  • The examination of designs to be practicable,the control of each completed construction stage before the owners make payments to the contractor, in order to meet the agreed, which are mentioned in the construction agreement contracts.
  • Capability of continuous updating and monitoring of all the construction phases of the project by the owner, even remotely, via internet.

construction_smallHousing-building maintenance / housekeeping / repairs

  • To keep your property well maintained , lefkashomes provides completed solutions for the care of your house and overtakes the restoration of existing construction failures .
  • The main threat for houses on Lefkas Island is the high level of atmospheric humidity, especially during the autumn and winter period, which often causes problems to unoccupied homes (without ventilation, and heating) .
  • We provide housekeeping services as also housing maintenance and repairs.

Available residences for sale.

*Network partners outside Lefkada

  • Corfu
  • Peloponnesus (Prefecture of Messenia)
  • Crete
  • Naxos
  • Samos